Breaded steak in the oven is a healthier way to make Argentinian milanesa.

Breaded Steak In the Oven (Milanesa) Breadead steak or “milanesa” is one of Argentina’s most popular dishes. Found throughout Latin America, Spain, Italy, Germany, and other countries, breaded steak is common in many cultures. Although it is usually fried, my breaded steak recipe in the oven give you a lotRead More →

Lemon mustard chicken is a traditional Argentine dish that is perfect for baked chicken leg quarters.

Lemon Mustard Chicken Lemon mustard chicken using Savora mustard is a traditional Argentine dish. Although lemon and mustard is not a common flavor combination in the United States, using Savora mustard makes this flavor combination unforgettable. If you are looking for an easy and delicious weeknight chicken recipe, be sureRead More →

This Provoleta recipe is the perfect fried cheese appetizer.

Provoleta Recipe This Provoleta recipe from Argentina is the perfect fried cheese appetizer. The result of an Italian immigrant’s desire to blend Argentine cuisine and Italian cuisine, Provoleta is the perfect appetizer for an Argentine steak dinner or barbecue. Although a classic Provoleta is cooked on the grill, this panRead More →

Chimichurri Sauce Recipe from Argentina

Chimichurri Sauce Recipe The best chimichurri sauce recipe is very easy. Chimichurri is a garlic and parsley steak sauce from Argentina and Uruguay. It comes in two versions: green and red chimichurri, and it good not only steak but also on chicken, rice, sausage–and even pizza! Read my article toRead More →

Learning how to make red velvet cake is easy

How to Make Red Velvet Cake Learning how to make red velvet cake is not difficult. My recipe uses a cake mix and then adds other ingredients to give the cake a more flavorful, Argentine-inspired twist. If you find red velvet cake somewhat lacking in flavor, be sure to tryRead More →

Devil's food cake with cake mix is an easy chocolate cake recipe.

Devil’s Food Cake Devil’s food cake is a fluffy, intense chocolate cake that is darker in color than most chocolate cakes. By adding a few ingredients to cake mix, I created a devil’s food cake recipe that makes the best chocolate cake with cream cheese frosting. For birthdays, holidays, orRead More →

Egg custard pie is the perfect light dessert after a heavy meal.

Egg Custard Pie Egg custard pie is easy, light, and delicious. This old fashioned southern dessert is the perfect light dessert after a heavy meal like Thanksgiving or Christmas. By using evaporated milk in this egg custard pie recipe, this dessert is light in not only taste but also calories.Read More →

Easy cornbread dressing

Easy Cornbread Dressing An easy cornbread dressing recipe is a must for any Southern Thanksgiving, Christmas, or special dinner. By making southern style cornbread and saving leftover white bread, along with either making chicken stock or buying it, learning how to make cornbread dressing is simple. By adding chicken, thisRead More →

Jellied cranberry sauce without high fructose corn syrup

Jellied Cranberry Sauce Jellied cranberry sauce is a classic Thanksgiving recipe. Although jellied cranberry sauce is more common on Northern Thanksgiving tables than Southern, it is loved by many as a holiday tradition. If you are looking for a jellied cranberry sauce recipe without high fructose corn syrup, look noRead More →

Butternut Squash Pie

Butternut Squash Pie Butternut squash pie is much better than pumpkin pie. If you find pumpkin pie to be too commonplace and too bland, try squash pie. Inspired by Argentine food, I developed my own recipe for a custard squash pie. Although this pie is different enough to be interesting,Read More →