Lemon mustard chicken is a traditional Argentine dish that is perfect for baked chicken leg quarters.

Lemon Mustard Chicken Lemon mustard chicken using Savora mustard is a traditional Argentine dish. Although lemon and mustard is not a common flavor combination in the United States, using Savora mustard makes this flavor combination unforgettable. If you are looking for an easy and delicious weeknight chicken recipe, be sureRead More →

This Provoleta recipe is the perfect fried cheese appetizer.

Provoleta Recipe This Provoleta recipe from Argentina is the perfect fried cheese appetizer. The result of an Italian immigrant’s desire to blend Argentine cuisine and Italian cuisine, Provoleta is the perfect appetizer for an Argentine steak dinner or barbecue. Although a classic Provoleta is cooked on the grill, this panRead More →

Chimichurri Sauce Recipe from Argentina

Chimichurri Sauce Recipe The best chimichurri sauce recipe is very easy. Chimichurri is a garlic and parsley steak sauce from Argentina and Uruguay. It comes in two versions: green and red chimichurri, and it good not only steak but also on chicken, rice, sausage–and even pizza! Read my article toRead More →